At Last I Found the True God | How Was I Conquered by the Word of God | Eastern Lightning

Long Zhonghou
Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province

In October, 1986, I believed in Jesus because of my wife’s illness. In February, 1990, I joined the sect of “Hua Xuehe.” From then on, I ran around preaching the way of Hua Xuehe, rain or shine. For his sake, I withdrew from the Communist Party, resigned as schoolmaster of a primary school and teacher in the state sector, and sold all the three houses of my family and spent all the money preaching the gospel, and I was even caught into the police station twice and suffered many torments. However, for the sake of defending the way of Hua Xuehe, I never complained. So, I thought that by my faith and the price I had paid, I would surely go to heaven and receive eternal life in the future.
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The Church of Almighty God | Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “Concerning Appellations and Identity” (Part One)

Almighty God says, “Jesus represented the Spirit of God, and was the Spirit of God working directly. He did the work of the new age, the work that no one had done before. He opened up a new way, He represented Jehovah, and He represented God Himself. Whereas with Peter, Paul, and David, regardless of what they were called, they only represented the identity of a creature of God, or were sent by Jesus or Jehovah. So no matter how much work they did, no matter how great the miracles they performed, they were still just creatures of God, and incapable of representing the Spirit of God. They worked in the name of God or after being sent by God; furthermore, they worked in the ages begun by Jesus or Jehovah, and the work they did was not separate. They were, after all, merely creatures of God.”

Sources “The Word Appears in the Flesh”

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