Almighty God Saved Me | How Was I Conquered by the Word of God

Wang Haijun
Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

I. Resisting the Lord Blindly Because of Listening to the Rumors and Believing the Lies

Shutting the Door on the Lord in order to “Guard the Church” and “Defend the Way”

My name is Wang Haijun. I was a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. Like other brothers and sisters,
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The Church of Almighty God | Eastern Lightning | Victorious Testimonies of the Christians | Christian Movie Trailer “The Winter Plum Blossom”

    She is Xiao Li, a Christian who has believed in God for over a decade. In the winter of 2012, she got arrested by the CCP police in a congregation. During her interrogation, the police resorted to both soft and hard tactics, threatening, coaxing, beating, and torturing, and made repeated attempts to get out of her the whereabouts of her church’s leaders and money and coax her into betraying God. In particular, the police forcibly stripped off her clothes on a 20-degree-below-zero night, then froze her with icy water, jabbed her in her private parts with an electric baton, and poured mustard water into her mouth…. She suffered all kinds of inhuman tortures and varied humiliations. In the interrogation, she felt agonized, humiliated, and desperate, but she prayed to God earnestly time after time. With the well-timed enlightenment and guidance of God’s word, she gained faith and strength from God’s word and withstood the devils’ savage and cruel tortures and bore a beautiful and resounding testimony, showing strong vitality in times of hardship, like the plum blossom that bloomed proudly in the winter giving off sweet scents….